Precision Metals

Precision Metals Corp.
221 Skip Lane
Bay Shore, NY 11706


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  • Heager 8 ton, with auto feed set up
  • Heager 4 ton
  • Pneumatic helicoil installation tools
  • Pneumatic rivnut and pop rivet tools
  • Large assortment of hand operated air squeezers and manual operated tools
  • Wide variety of hardware, logged and stores, in our locked store room
  • Fully carpeted assembly room


  • Steel stamping, variety of sizes
  • Stenciling
  • Rubber stamping

Support Equipment:

  • Beed rollong machines
  • Rollers (3) various sizes
  • Full inspection department to meet MIL-I-45208A
  • Full stock of standard material (aluminum, steel, stainless and all heavy duty metals) in various gauges
  • Full supply of bar, angle, tube and rod stock
  • Arbor presses (2)
  • Large supply of shim stock
  • Kamatsu 5000lb capacity forklift, with sideshift
  • Clean modern facility
  • PMC has incorporated, since day one of our company, a zero defect program. This was initiated by the owner and kept after by the employees.
  • Employees that take pride in their work and only turn out good parts, and who can also handle those impossible jobs


  • Metalsoft for Windows 95, with auto unfold (2 sies)
  • E-mail capabilities
  • Calcomp plotter for up to 'E' size drawings
    Affiliated Capabilities:
  1. Aluminum dip brazing
  2. CNC machining and turning
  3. CNC laser cutting
  4. Finishing
  5. Silk screen and engraving
All outside affiliates of PMC MUST, and do adhere to all zero defect quality programs that we do. It took many years to get associated with companies that can satisfy our needs and requirements for the few processes that we do not do in our own facility.

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